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Company Infomation

*Company / Business name  

*Business requirements
*Requirement from computer systems

Number of employees


Business type

Golf course with Café and Bar type situation

Convenience store 

Golf Course Café 

Liquor store 

Night Club 




General retail





Company Address

Street address







Hours of operation

5 days - business hours

6 days - business hours

7 days - business hours

7 days - extended hours

24 hours / 7 days required 



Facilities required

Stock             Integration Customer Management             Maintenance To Include Software Customisation

Sales Staff And User Management   Comprehensive Reports                         Barcode And Label Printing

Customisable Reports                      Multiple Levels Of Security                    Other


Number of outlets

1 - 2      2 - 4      5 - 9      10 - 29      30+



Your Estimated Requirements
*Approximate no. POS stations

Basic hardware requirements (Approximate number of units)

Eg: Touch screen PC integrated POS stations LCD screen with PC POS stations Customised keyboards Barcode scanners Scales EFTPOS devices PDE / PDT devices Receipt printers Kitchen printers Cash drawers Customer displays



All POS in All stores linked online to Head office                               All POS in All stores linked online

All POS in within store linked 


Maintenance and Support requirements

5 days (Monday to Friday) - business hours   

7 days - business hours (8:30am to 5:30pm) 

24 hours / 7 days 

6 days (Monday to Saturday) - business hours

7 days - extended hours



Do you have an existing POS system

None       Cash registers       PC POS system

Manufacturers name of Cash register or Name of PC POS system


How long have you had your current POS system

Less Than 1 Year      2 Years      3 Years      4 Years      More Than 4 Years


Buying timeframe

Now      3 Months      6 Months      12 Months      More Than 12 Months 


Additional needs or requirements