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SPTPOS – software overview.
Our newest feature enables the SPTPOS software to integrate to your Website, allowing automatic updates of products and their details, as well as providing the facility for purchases to commence over the Web. The SPTPOS software has been installed and running smoothly in several diverse organisations. At the Ivanhoe Public Golf Course, since May 2002 and Yarrambat Public Golf Course, since November 2002. Also Clegs Fabrics (City and Brunswick stores), since September 2003. Plus Cafe Potts, Potts Bakery and Catering since December 2004.

Major features of the SPTPOS system are:

Additional services available

All sites can be (and are) supported using either the Internet (ADSL, cable and dialup) or by direct telephone dialup connection. Star Plus Technologies supports sites from Campbelltown in South Australia to Sefton (a suburb of Sydney) in New South Wales plus various sites in and around the Melbourne suburban area.

Software and Report modifications can be made to suit individual client requirements and are generally delivered free of charge when clients have a current software maintenance contract. Delivery of software upgrades are achieved using a wide variety of technologies. The Internet, email, CDRom and telephone dial-up connection to each site.

Loyalty club management overview
The loyalty functions include birthday, new member, active, non-active and membership expiry date processing. Allowing you (among other things) to actively market promotions and special deals to various types, categories and groups of both active and non-active members in the club. Thus encouraging greater participation by club members and growth in member numbers and thus your business. The debtor functions allow members to run accounts (with active credit limits) and for the potential for introduction of a membership levy system. Access to the debtor accounts at the point of sale is by use of the members’ loyalty card, name or account number.

Ivanhoe Public Golf Course, Clegs and House In Mornington all have a plastic credit card size loyalty membership cards. All cards are produced by Star Plus Technologies. The member presents the loyalty card when making their purchase. The card is swiped under the barcode reader or magnetic strip reader at the Point of Sale, the details of the sale and points (multiple card types with varying point ratios and discount options available including double and triple points days or by product groupings or when specific products are purchased) are recorded against that member. This allows for the tracking of who is buying what and therefore when particular product promotions are being run, you can target the customers "most likely to be interested" in purchasing new products, upgrades or package options etc. Loyalty points earned are also optionally redeemable against future sales.

Client details
At Ivanhoe Public Golf Course, the Bar, Café, Pro-shop and Back Office systems are fully integrated across both the LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wireless Area Network) networks. Soon after the new technology was implemented at Ivanhoe, there was a notable increase in the efficiency of the business, particularly with the front counter processing and back office data entry and reporting. The Ivanhoe Public Golf Course Manager, Mr. Howard McHutchison is completely satisfied by the progress made to his business and to that end would encourage any interested party to contact him directly on (03)94997001 so that he could assist with any questions and/or to allow an inspection of the SPTPOS system firsthand.

Clegs Fabrics have their main server with two workstations and seven registers in the City store. At the Brunswick store, they have a remote server linked to the city, an administration workstation and register. Their inventory has 60,000+ items all with barcode scanning, stock maintenance, ordering and receiving. Clegs have 7,000+ Loyalty, LayBy and Debtor customers managed by the SPTPOS system. All registers have integrated EFTPOS to the ANZ bank through the SPTPOS.

Café Potts in Toorak road, South Yarra have a Posiflex touch screen system running SPTPOS linked over the Internet to Potts Bakery and Potts Catering at Brunswick. The entire system is monitored from owners home using the Star Plus Technologies software.

House In Mornington (located in the Mornington Centro shopping complex) Run touch screen systems with multiple menus connected back to the owners Laptop computer on the local area network. When the owner is not in the store he can run reports and update inventory and customer details on his laptop. The altered information begin automatically delivered to the SPTPOS POS systems when the laptop is connected back into the network.

As an indication of the diverse nature of SPTPOS system Yarrambat Public Golf Course runs the entire SPTPOS system on a single PC.

We look forward to being able to supply you with further information on our SPTPOS product. Please do not hesitate in contacting us at Star Plus Technologies with any questions or for further information on our products and services or any other related enquires.

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